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                        When choosing a mold temperature machine, pay attention to its control system
                        When choosing a mold temperature machine, it is mainly to its control system. First of all, we will actually notice that it has a single circuit and its dual circuit, as well as its multi-loop control system. This selection criterion is actually the third selection criterion we have seen. In terms of the method, we actually need to pay attention to it.

                            First of all, when we choose the mold temperature machine, we should pay attention to directly distinguish what is a single loop or dual loop, and its multi-loop control system. Simply speaking, the structure of its single-loop control system is actually more compact, and it is also relatively small in terms of its volume. It is precisely because of this that we actually want to have a variety of series according to its temperature control range.

                             As far as the use of the dual-loop control system on the mold temperature machine is concerned, it is the movement of the mold and the temperature required on the fixed template. In fact, we can directly control the temperature of the two circuits and adjust the flow rate of the pump according to the different temperature requirements of the two templates.

                            At the same time, as far as the power of the cooling water itself is concerned, in terms of its power supply and the host, it is actually directly connected to the same junction box. In this respect, it is to a large extent. In fact, it can directly reduce its overall size. In fact, it will have an impact on the overall structure.

                            As for the multi-loop control system in the mold temperature machine, as far as it is concerned, in fact, it will directly contain multiple separate loops, and each loop is actually used to control the needs of the product molding stage. The same temperature. Because of this, the multi-loop control system in the mold temperature machine can actually achieve a relatively perfect effect on the control structure.