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                        How to make use of the advantages of gas mold temperature controller?
                        First of all, let’s talk about it. In fact, we should pay attention to it. In the ordinary injection molding process, when the temperature of the gas mold temperature machine is set too low, even if it can shorten its molding cycle, it is actually It will be easier to produce the sink wire, and it is precisely because of this that when the structure of the gas mold temperature machine is in fact, it will cause poor quality in appearance.

                        Conversely, when we set the mold temperature on the gas mold temperature machine high, it actually can improve the appearance quality of its product surface, but in fact, it will be more prone to warpage, sag and poor size At the same time, at the same time, in terms of other aspects, in fact, it will extend its molding cycle to a large extent and increase its own cost.

                        First of all, we actually have to pay attention to that before injection, in fact, we can spray steam. The gas mold temperature machine actually makes the temperature of the mold directly reach a temperature that exceeds the thermal deformation of the resin. In fact, we should pay attention to that the molten resin should be injected directly. In this way, it can actually form a molded product without a junction line and with better surface quality.

                        After the injection of the molten resin is completed, it actually starts the cooling process directly. In this respect, in fact, it will directly use cooling water to make the mold temperature quickly drop below the temperature of the resin's thermal deformation.

                        In this way, for the gas mold temperature machine, we will actually find that it can directly shorten the molding cycle by accelerating the curing speed of the resin, and then, in fact, it can be To a large extent, it solves a series of problems such as warpage and subsidence caused by gas mold temperature machining.