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                        Briefly describe the main function of the mold temperature machine and its difference from the chiller
                        Speaking of the main function of the mold temperature machine, first of all, we will actually notice that it can actually improve the molding efficiency of the product itself to a large extent; then, the mold temperature machine is actually also It can reduce the occurrence of defective products to a large extent, improve the appearance of products, and suppress defects on different products.

                             Furthermore, if we use the mold temperature machine during processing, it will speed up its production schedule to a large extent, reduce its energy consumption, and save its own energy. Next, we actually have to pay attention to the fact that there is actually more room for the use of mold temperature machines in the die casting industry.

                             Especially in the manufacturing process of magnesium alloys and their aluminum alloys, in terms of uneven or inappropriate mold temperature, it actually leads to instability in the size of their castings. During production, it In fact, it will cause the deformation of the ejected casting, and it is because of this that it will actually generate heat pressure, mucous membranes and surface irregularities to a large extent, and its internal shrinkage holes and its A series of defects such as hot bubbles.

                            The mold temperature machine will actually have an impact on the production cycle. More commonly, it refers to its filling time and its cooling time, as well as its map spraying time will produce unstable variables. In addition, the life of the mold is actually due to the impact of excessive cooling or overheating, which causes thermal cracking of expensive steel.

                            Speaking of the difference between the mold temperature machine and the chiller, we actually need to pay attention to the mold temperature machine, which is mainly used for heating and heating, from the room temperature directly to the temperature we need, When the temperature of the mold temperature machine is lower than room temperature, we actually need to use the chiller equipment directly.