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                        Do you understand the mold temperature machine you are using?
                        First of all, we actually need to pay attention to a type of mold temperature machine itself. To put it simply, we can actually divide it into a water temperature machine and its oil temperature machine according to the different heat media used. In this respect, mainly speaking, in fact, it will be used in the injection molding industry and its extrusion industry. According to the difference in use temperature, it will be divided into ordinary mold temperature machine and high temperature mold temperature machine.

                            As far as the ordinary mold temperature machine is concerned, it is mainly used in the injection molding industry and its extrusion industry. In terms of high-temperature equipment, it is actually mainly used for metal forming. Refers to the die-casting of aluminum, magnesium, aluminum-magnesium alloy. As far as the mold temperature machine that is more common in the sales market and widely used, it can actually be divided into two types: water cycle mold temperature machine and its oil cycle mold temperature machine.

                            In terms of its water circulation mold temperature machine, it actually uses clean water as a heat medium. In general, we actually need to pay attention to the fact that it uses direct heating and direct cooling design. principle. In terms of the temperature of the mold temperature machine on its general manufacturers, it means that there will be four types below 100 degrees Celsius, and 120 degrees, 140 degrees and 180 degrees.

                            Next, it actually refers to the oil circulation mold temperature machine. In this respect, it actually uses a professional industrial oil that is not easily decomposed by high temperature as the heat medium. At this time, we actually That is, the design principle of direct heating and its indirect cooling will be adopted.

                            For the oil circulation mold temperature machine, if the water quality of the manufacturer is too high in acidity and alkalinity and its iron quality, or it is because the circulating water is turbid, then it is because it is not clean or there are too many impurities. , It is not suitable to use water circulation mold temperature machine. Also, when the products produced by the manufacturers are particularly transparent or optical mirror products, they are not suitable for water circulation mold temperature machines.