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                        Gas mold temperature machine maintenance guide

                        Gas mold temperature machine maintenance guide

                        As a commonly used temperature control device, the mold temperature machine can reduce the preheating time of the mold, improve the surface quality of the finished product and can be fully automated. In order to maximize the service life of the mold temperature machine, daily maintenance is essential.

                        So, what are the daily maintenance of mold temperature machine?

                        1) Check the dosage and circulation of cooling water before the first use, keep the surrounding environment hygienic and reduce cleaning;

                        2) Select the proper maintenance method according to the medium. The water temperature machine is water for the medium, ensuring high-quality water quality to prevent clogging and not easy to accumulate scale. The oil temperature machine is oil for the medium, try to change it once every two months, so as not to increase the temperature of the unit;

                        3) Regularly check the oil-type mold temperature machine/water-type mold temperature machine oil pump and water pump for oil leakage and water leakage. If necessary, the pump shaft seal can also be replaced regularly.

                        4) The electrical components can be replaced in time according to the service life of the components, and tested regularly to ensure safety; generally, high temperatures above 200°C need to be replaced every 5 months or so.

                        5) In terms of pipeline, it is necessary to judge whether the pipeline is clogged according to the relationship between pump and pressure. If the pressure is too low, the heating pipe can be taken out and cleaned with tools, especially the filter net cover at the entrance of the system. Try to clean it once a month.