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                        The problem of using ultra-high temperature mold temperature machine

                        The high-temperature temperature mold temperature machine relies on high temperature to meet the work requirements. With the improvement of the technical level, the mold temperature machine function becomes more and more powerful, and more and more problems need to be paid attention to during operation. The ultra-high temperature mold temperature machine has high requirements for the selection of the equipment body, and the materials such as high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity must meet the standards.


                        1. Check whether the main power supply has been connected before use, and whether there is reverse or missing phase of the power supply after connection.


                        2. Before installation, check whether the high-temperature oil pump is reversed. If necessary, adjust the wire between the high-temperature oil pump and the thermal overload relay, and then add thermal oil to the expansion oil tank of the hot oil machine.


                        3. The ultra-high temperature mold temperature machine has relatively high requirements for selecting the heat transfer medium. Choose a better quality thermal oil to prevent the flash point of the thermal oil from overheating and causing fire. The ultra-high temperature mold temperature machine uses imported ultra-high temperature resistant oil pumps. Ensure that the temperature control range reaches 350℃.


                        4. The ultra-high temperature mold temperature machine should not be heated immediately after the heat conduction oil is injected. The high temperature oil pump should be circulated for a period of time. When the pressure of the oil temperature machine system is normal and the system pressure gauge pointer does not shake left and right, the temperature is working.


                        5. Whether the liquid level sensor in the expansion oil tank of the ultra-high temperature mold temperature machine is working properly, take the liquid level sensor out of the expansion oil tank, the sensor end is facing upward, and then start the circulation pump, pay attention to the instructions issued by the mold temperature machine signal.