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                        What are the advantages of gas mold temperature machine

                        In the modern factory, the use of the gas mold temperature controller is actually due to the need to adapt to the mall's own competition, to save manpower and improve quality, and in addition, in terms of operating strategies to reduce costs, it is also It is imperative that the use of the gas mold temperature machine can actually directly reduce the mold preheating time, regarding the improvement of the surface quality of its products and its complete automatic production.


                        To a certain extent, the use of a gas mold temperature machine is actually an application that can directly reduce the cooling water itself. Immediately after that, it can actually extend the life of its mold and save it to a certain extent. In terms of die-casting cycle, in terms of product sticking, as well as its aluminum adhesion and strain, it actually has a certain inhibitory effect, which can improve the appearance of the product to a certain extent, so as to reduce the occurrence of defective products.


                        Due to the heating and cooling effect of the gas mold temperature machine, we can actually notice that it can actually reduce the use of the release agent itself to a certain extent, and then it can actually reduce A chilling on the mold itself to reduce the occurrence of thermal stress, delay the occurrence of cracks on the mold surface, and then extend the service life of the mold itself.


                        The gas mold temperature function can preheat the mold. In this case, it can actually reduce the time at the beginning of production to a certain extent. About the temperature gradient of the surface and the inside of the mold, in order to avoid the mold due to abnormal temperature. The resulting cracks then show failure.


                        The gas mold temperature machine is actually able to preheat the mold and to a certain extent adhere to the temperature of the mold during the initial production and production gaps, and then, in fact, it can reduce its hot mold time to achieve savings Energy consumption and accelerated production progress, so that it can improve its power. When the gas mold temperature machine is produced, it will maintain a stable (heating, cooling) effect on the mold temperature.